About Us

As long as I can remember my Grandfather would make western themed carvings. From a small horse to four horse stagecoach, he would make scraps of wood come to life.  I have always wanted to honor his tradition of art with my own.

 I have tinkered with chainsaw art, wood carving, painting and various other forms of expression. My life has always been a canvas whose scene is never complete. I’ve had a desire to express myself since I was a child. I have lived all over this country from Montana to South Carolina.  I now call Newhall my home. I am in awe of the small town feel, the hot days of summer, the serenity and tranquility of sleepy neighborhoods; living in the shadow of Hart Park. I had to capture the western heritage of Santa Clarita and share it with others.

With a heart full of passion I look forward to sharing the beauty that I find with a touch of whimsy.